Unread Threads Marked as Read

I’m wondering why this happens sometimes. It doesn’t very often,but it did again this morning. I logged on, and when I clicked on User CP to see my subscribed threads, there were none. Since I’d last logged off about 12 hours before, that wasn’t very likely. Sure enough, I clicked on View All Subscribed Threads, and there were lots that should have shown up as Unread. But they were all marked as already Read.

This happens every now and then. Does anyone know why? I don’t think anyone is logging in in my place, as no responses are ever made. (And no, I am not sleep-Doping.)

That is weird, I agree. And a mystery. Though I do have to ask, do you share your computer with anyone else?

Just the wife, and I know where she was all last night. Again, this does not happen often, but it does happen occasionally.

What I always notice is if I go to Cafe Society (which I do regularly) the threads seems to keep track just fine of when I last was there. But every few days when I check the Game Room it thinks I’ve read everything from waaay sooner than the last time I’d actually been there. It’s as if the Game Room saw the last time I was in Cafe Society and used that, when it seems it should be using the last time I was actually in the Game Room.

It’s never been a big enough deal for me to mention, but I figured I’d share in case it relates to Sam’s issue.

I’m still mystified.

Something else I thought of that may be related. It has happened in the past that the threads are all marked Unread like normal, but I see I have a PM, so I spend time answering that. And if I spend a lot of time on it, I find the threads have all turned marked as Read when I get back to them. It’s as if there’s a “time out” factor. So now if I’m answering a PM, I always stop and check a thread from time to time just to keep those active. But maybe the “time out” setting gets a glitch every now and then?

I posted a thread earlier this week about a similar problem. Check your “last visited” time. Mine is often wrong…which causes SDMB to think threads aren’t new.

I’ve been experimenting, and so far, it seems that if I close my web browser instead of just closing my tab, things work ok. So maybe Chrome, or one of my extensions to Chrome, is pinging SDMB and causing it to think I’m doing something.

I guess I’ll pile on one more thing.

I have Chrome (on XP) set to reopen closed tabs when starting up. So this morning it starts up with one ATMB thread and a couple non-Straight Dope tabs open. I closed the ATMB tab right away, not clicking on an SD related links before doing so. Then 20 minutes or so later I check out Cafe Society and everything before 10:16 or so is marked as read. That, by the way, is my Last Visited time and it is more or less accurate.


It just happened again. Logged off around 11am, about 12 hours ago, logged on again 15 minutes ago, and only one thread marked as unread. Looking closely, I see posters have posted in many threads, but those are all marked as read. Weird.

Have you checked the “You last visited” tag in the top right corner of your screen? For me, that’s the key for whether I can trust the “new” tags for posts. Chrome seems to do something that makes SDMB think I’m logged in, even if the only tab I have open is Yahoo Mail.

Yes, and it always tells the time of my real last log-in. No one else is logging in. Very strange.

Well, here’s a new one. Logged in about 10 minutes ago. Nine subscribed threads have been posted to. After checking four of them, suddenly all nine are marked as read. :confused:

And it’s happened again that all the threads were marked as read. We got up at 3am to watch the London Olympics opening, and I logged on then. Logged off about 4:30 or 5. That was 6-7 hours ago. Everything since then marked read.

I also posted in the “Board Is Sow” thread. Could the problem of slowness be related?

This happened two or three years ago, then abruptly fixed itself, now it’s happening to me again on Chrome on both my PC and Mac. Were any board settings recently changed? Maybe, alternatively, a Chrome update borked it? I’m not having the issue on any other vBulletin forums, however.

You reckon that’s bad? I once started a thread and no one read it!