Unreality TV

I know there are a lot of reality TV junkies around here. I am not but I do catch a few episodes here and there when they catch my fancy. I have seen a few programs (notably the one on VH1) that detail some of the fake and set up moments in “reality” TV. Recreations and tricky editing make things less than real. Of course this is TV and not real life so some fakery has to be assumed. My question is, which reality TV programs do you think are the most fake? I’m talking about scripted, set up moments which are presented as spontanious and real. I nominate that Casino show from Mark Burnet and Showtime’s Family Business. For both I always get the feeling that they are working off a script.


I’m sorry, but I found The Casino highly offensive because it assumes its audiance is a bunch of morons. I can’t stress enough that Discovery’s American Casino is “reality TV” done right.

Newlyweds season 2.

That Casino show on fox.

American Chopper and American Hotrod both seem very forced and scripted now.

American Chopper, really? I’m sure there’s some planned moments, such as “hey, let’s play basketball” or “let’s go hunting”, but the show still seems fairly sincere imo.