Unregulated Bone-Growth, and how I just earned a Nobel Prize!

I have “Bones” growing, at about my gumline, on the inner part of my lower jaw, beneath my tounge. At their widest, they are a bit over 1/2" wide under my tounge and about an inch deep.

When I asked a dentist, he explained they will grow until I die. They may even grow together. They are about 1/8" apart these days. I’ve heard they can be cut out, but I would imagine the pain would just about kill me, and the mouth can be such an easy place for infection.

I’ve tounge wrestled a lot of chicks, but it was usually in the dark, so I didn’t have much time to inspect the bone growth of their inner-jaws; I can only speak as though I am a mutant.

Why is unregulated bone growth limited to this area, and perhaps parts of the foot-bones that seem to keep growing, like around the knuckle of the big toe?

Why isn’t this bone-growth-stuff sent to better-served areas, like my aching vertebae, or where my femur is boring a hole through my pelvis?

If they sawzalled these bone-spurs outta my jaw, threw 'em in a cup of augar, shook 'em up, extracted the t-cells from the marrow/augar-juice, and injected them into said “needed” areas, wouldn’t I be cured of “bad bones”.

The answer is yes!

I think I just earned my PhD.!!!
I rock like GRANITE!

I have them too. At first I thought they were my lost wisdom teeth but the dentist told me it was bone growth, and like you said, she compared them to bunions. What’s more, they have a name!


About the “cutting them out would be painful” and the mouth being a site for infection…er, isn’t that why you put people to sleep for surgery and give them painkillers and antibiotics afterward?

I have an accessory navicular in each foot. It’s an extra bone along the inside edge of the foot, just in front of the ankle. Used to hurt like hell if I walked a long way in certain shoes. They commonly go with flat feet, which I also have.


What’s more, my dentist couldn’t care less about mine. He shrugged and mumbled something about “unless it starts hurting” when I showed it to him.

No way! I always thought I was special. I’ve got them on both sides, though the left one is bigger than the right (that’s what he said). The right one only showed up after a hygienist stabbed me with that plaque-scrapey thing.

I hope mine don’t get as freaky big as the ones in the wikipedia picture.

Have you ever had your wisdom teeth out? Other oral/dental surgery? It’s absolute misery, even with anasthesia and painkillers.

Unless you’ve had oral surgery and you’re one of the extreme minority whom it didn’t particularly bother. In which case, I hate you.

To the OP–isn’t your idea similar to what they’re trying to do with stem cells? But here’s the question–how would they control the excess bone growth? Good luck with your Nobel Prize. Please send me 10 bucks for helping you out when you get it.

My dad had the gnarliest torii on the planet (and nope, I ain’t googling for pictures- eeeewwwww…). He had his removed- they were taking over his whole lower mouth where his tongue was supposed to live.