Until the heavens burn in conflagration- AHS 11

Wow. I think I like American Horror Story: Hotel more than I like the new Star Wars (though I like both).

The theme is apparently bad love. The characters are clingy to the extreme, but whoever they love never seems to love them back, and so they all engage in a power struggle to keep the ones they want in their lives. Resulting in disastrous failure, almost every time!

These seasons tend to have ‘happy’ endings, no matter how awful the slog to that point may be. So I suspect that John and his wife will have a satisfactory ending, even if The Countess has to spend eternity with March (which echoes the Supreme spending eternity with that jazz dude in a KNOTTED PINE :eek: paneled home). Even if all her favorite lovers are dead, and died outside the hotel. Even if Iris watched (and participated in!) her beloved son getting shot and killed. Even if the vampire babies had to die to save the countess, if only for a little while.

Geez, it took 10 episodes to be able to present this story. The bitterness of the Countess’ fall is colossal. The cliff-hangeriness of what happens to John, Ramona and I guess the vampire baby is rather pronounced. Quite a penultimate episode of television drama. Possibly unmatched in my experience, though I am not a massive tv consumer…