Unused Story Titles

Philip Jose Farmer has a list of great story titles that he can’t think up stories for. These include:

“A Flock of Ducts”

“Two Blue Einsteins”

“Rule 42” (from Alice in Wonderland"All persons over a mile tall must exit the courtroom."

He did later come up with ideas for

“J.C. on the Dude Ranch” (one of my favorites)

“The Sound of Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix.”

What’s your great unused story title?

Mine has to be “Confessions of a Closet Croissant Eater”

It just sounds like a great chick story, you know?

“The Onion Slaw.”

I think I’d need Edward Gorey to illustrate it.

My SO and I have a book due out this month which was originally titled Sweetie and the Leatherman. IMNSHO that sounds alarmingly like a soft porn movie ;).

It was retitled to I am Leatherman which I don’t think is much better, especially as it is a YA novel.

“The Last of the Monkeyhicans”

I don’t know what it would be about.

You can call the sequel Pocket Tool.

(How’s that for a soft-porn title?)

It Doesn’t Taste Good.

Frick and Frak Try Farming.

Candy from the Sixth Dimension.

From Littlegirl: Martha Stewart Stops Living.

Some more classic sequels:

Moby Duke

Under Walden Pond

Pride and Polygamy

Another Turn of The Screw

Up The Creek (the continuing adventures of Huck Finn)

Finnegan’s Bow Wave
Another story title:

“Ragnarok and Roll” (got used by a comic, what a waste)

The Cat in the Hat Gets Fixed

Piglet goes Feral (A very special Winnie the Pooh story)

It’s only Wok and Roll (but I wike it) (Chinese Cookbook)

[li]My Turn At The Screw[/li]
[li]The Role of Honesty In Politics[/li]
[li]Analytical Creationism[/li]
The Gourmet’s Guide To Fast Food

Zenster and the Art of Barbecue Maintenance (A touching story of a man reclaiming his own identity by cooking ribs.)

so that would be a fiction piece then?

Adel Repent!

This is a lot like the dave Barry inspired game, Great Unused Band Names’