Unusual/Antique Car Show!

This site links to a car show where many pristine examples of cars from yesteryear along with some prototypes can be seen.

I really like the Rolls Royce made out of Peruvian walnut!

Scroll down a bit, and webpage loads a little slow…http://www.nidokidos.org/most-unusual-car-show-with-many-rarely-seen-t49718.html

Also, can anyone identify the cars that don’t have a description? I’d like to know what the cars are in slides #2 and #4 are, for example. #4 has a real cool rear end…very spaceship-styled!

ETA: #2 looks like a Ferrari of some kind…but which one?

I believe #2 is a 1956 410 S

Change that… I think it is a '55. This appears to be the same car… it was driven by Carol Shelby.