Unusual birds in the woods.

So I toddle out to the back yard to read Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island, which I am enjoying immensely. There may have been a cigarette involved.

I heard a rustling in the woods just beyond our tiny back yard. (Mill Hill Park, in other words.) Animal? Yes. Deer? No. It’s a bird… A large bird. Owl? No. Victorian Snowy Pigeon?* No. Oh, just the neighbour’s cat. No. It’s not the neighbour’s cat. It’s a large, heavy bird. Cautiously, I stood and approached the woods, skirting my large pile of garden/lawn detritus (it will compost in approximately 28 years, I think.) An odd bird, a white bird… With an unusual plume on its head. I moved ever closer, curious.

A white peacock was in the woods behind our house tonight.

I had two beers at dinner, but my husband can provide independent verification. A white peacock.

*This creature does not actually exist.

Flannery O’Connor raised White Peafowl.

Asparagus makes my pee foul.

Thanks for sharing!

I once saw a snow white peacock at the zoo in Manhattan, Kansas. It was gorgeous, especially when it spread it’s tail feathers.

The unusual bird is out of the woods and hanging around our, and the neighbour’s, driveway.

It likes budgie food.

I hate you.

Albino peacocks are common here.

Pretty cool!

They have a really obnoxious call – but if I ever had a lot of land, I’d definitely get peacocks.

Perhaps not, but it’s closely-appellated cousin, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon most certainly does!

Yeah. Just wait until it gets hungry about 2 AM some night and starts calling for its food. You (and the neighbors for a radius of about 1/2 mile) will be sorry then…

I’ve heard it – her – make some strange sounds at dusk. She’s not an albino though; her eyes are dark.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a neat looking bird!