Unusual "Christmas" movies

We have a long-standing tradition of watching the following movies at Christmas time:

Die Hard
“This IS Christmas music”
“Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”
“Oh the weather outside is frightful / dum da dum delightful”

The Long Kiss Goodnight
(can’t think of any quotes, but Christmas was definitely a background motif)

“Now I have another reason to hate Christmas.”

Lethal Weapon
“If you think I’m gonna eat the world’s lousiest Christmas turkey by myself, you’re crazy”
Josha shoots TV: “Goddamned Christmas.”
This is our antidote to the sacchrine fare of the usual slate of Christmas movies (most of which we also usually watch).

Can you recommend others in this vein?

Die Hard 2 seems an obvious choice (“Just once, I’d like a regular, normal Christmas. Eggnog, a fuckin’ Christmas tree, a little turkey. But, no. I gotta crawl around in this motherfuckin’ tin can.”)

You can add Die Hard 2 to that list.
Also, Reindeer games andKiss kiss bang bang.

Rare Exports

What do I win? :slight_smile:

Reindeer Games
When I get in there you better be wearing nothing but a candy cane!
'Tis the season, convict.

I’ll definitely check it out this yuletide.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Its hard to believe it was just last Christmas that Harmony and I changed the world. And we didn’t mean to and it didn’t last long. You know a thing like that can’t.

Merry Christmas, sorry I fucked you over.

Make that two.
You know, I always thought it strange they went straight from Die Hard to Die Hard 3. La la la… can’t hear you.

Sorry, Turek - didn’t see your post till after “submit”… will check that one out too!

The Ref - I need to watch this again–it’s been awhile, but I remember it being good. About a family being robbed and held captive on Christmas.

Bad Santa - freaking hilarious

The Ice Harvest - just watched this yesterday. It’s kind of a “noir” crime move set around Christmas.

I REALLY like this movie. It was the first movie where I looked at Cusack and said “Oh, you’re kind of old now.”

Great performances by Cusack,Oliver Platt and Billy Bob Thornton.

Batman Returns

What kind of Christmas is it without a tree full of bats?

Lost Christmas
Dead End

It’s Christmas Eve. Call your fuckin’ kid.

The Thin Man (And After the Thin Man is still the best New Year’s Eve movie).

The Ref is a great one, too.

Behind Enemy Lines
“Son of a bitch! Did you see this? He puts us on a holiday mission, god damn it!”

Mixed Nuts?

Santa Claus Vs. the Martians - They don’t get much more unusual than this one…or worse either.

Bad Santa.
Ice Harvest.

Both seconded.

Not exactly a “Christmas” movie, but the last scene does take place around the season. Robin and Seven Hoods.

You stole mine! Definitely The Thin Man.

You win teh internet.

That’s the one I came to post. Available on Netflix streaming too!

Stalag 17 is a (obscure?) b&w movie about POWs in a German concentration camp and takes place during the winter, including Christmas. The scene where the GI’s are dancing with each other while they celebrate Christmas is hilarious. During the holiday season it is a must-see film, imo.