Unusual football stats this year

This caught my eye…or ear as it were.All the teams the Washington Redskins have played where winless at the time.Six weeks in a row(this includes tomorrows game against the Chiefs). They managed to win two so far.The streak ends there tho.Philly in week 7.

Heard any odd ones?

Here is one from today…Michigan scored their 1st four TD’s with just 13 offensive plays.Course they are playin Deleware State. Still sorta neat stat tho.

The Bengals are 4-1? I mean, that’s pretty unusual, right?


Even more unusual is that Cincy is 7-1 over their last eight games.

My favorite is getting sacked for a first down. If you knock the ball out of the QB’s hand it counts as a sack. I’ve seen it happen where the ball gets knocked out of his hand forward past the first down line, where a member of the offense drops on it for the recovery. First down offense while letting up a sack. It can also just be scooped up and advanced for a first down, but that’s pretty rare.

On 4th down the only offensive person who can recover a fumble is the guy who fumbled it. That rule was put in to stop deliberate forward fumbles on 4th down. The Raiders did that a while back late in a game- fumbled on purpose.

Anyone can recover a fumble. You’re thinking of advancing a fumble recovery, which is limited to the guy who fumbles on 4th down and in the fourth quarter. If a different guy recovers, the ball is spotted where it was fumbled instead of recovered.


They also ended up with 5 guys having 50 yards rushing. Don’t see that too often.

Brady’s 5 TD quarter, the most in almost 60 years. And I missed it because I went to see Zombieland instead.

Ahh so you went to the Redskins-Chiefs game.

My favorite stat from the Titans-Patriots debacle had nothing to do with 5 TD’s in a quarter, but in Kerry Collins’ weird passing stats: he threw for -7 yards. Apparently the negative yardage was a result of this play, ripped fresh from the box score:

Did anybody see that play? What happened, exactly–did Washington’s fumble get knocked far behind the line of scrimmage? Whatever happened, it seems like insult to injury to include lost fumble yardage against Collins’ stats.

The Patriots played the first 5 games of the year against teams with no losses. Then the next two are against teams with no wins.

Brady threw for 5 TDs in the 2nd quarter yesterday… the Rams have scored 5 offensive TDs.

Total for the year.

The thing that has always bugged me about that play, (assuming we’re thinking of the same play, the Raiders’ Ken Stabler’s deliberate forward fumble against San Diego), was that it was already covered in the rules as they existed at the time, and still exist. It was an incomplete forward pass.

I think there’s a reason that’s called the Dave Casper rule.

Right. At least I think that was the line - the field was covered with snow. Too bad the snowplow is now in the team’s museum. :smiley:

Yep. I don’t see why it counted as a completion at all, after Washington coughed it up.

A compendium of stats from that game. Among them: Titan receivers caught 2 passes yesterday, and dropped 9. It’s as if none of them ever saw snow before.

The Stabler played was ruled a fumble and not a pass. But they could have called it a pass, not sure why they did not. I think it was because he threw it underhand but that should not matter. Pretty sure that was before TV replay was allowed.

The way I think that negative pass play happened was this – Collins was chased out of the pocket, and scrambled far back from the line of scrimmage. He made a short (nearly lateral) pass to Washington who caught the ball, but was promptly tackled. He also fumbled the ball but that was after the pass was completed for -22 yards.

The Holy Roller play. Consider it karmic payback for being victimized by the Immaculate Reception.