Unusual reasons for liking certain music.

I am listening to ‘Title of Record’ by Filter. It’s not normally my kind of music but I’ve listened to it so often that I like it.

Before I moved to the IOM I would regularly visit my friend’s house and play two player (or take turns at one player) games on his playstation, or watch videos. During the game playing he would always play his music, which at the time was virtually the polar opposite to my own taste. But because I was having so much fun on the computer games I would tolerate it. I also admit to valuing the company. We were good friends and would act stupid in ways that entertained eachother a lot.

The point is, I hypothesise that I have associated that music (and others) with fun times and have grown to like them.

It could just be that I like them anyway, but as I said the ‘type’ of music is not my taste.
And so to the point of the thread In your opinion, does your emotional state at the time of hearing certain music affect your appreciation of that music significantly for the rest of your life?

Let’s say a certain music was playing at a… prom (we Brits don’t have proms, but this is for argument’s sake) you dismiss it as just another song.

Now let’s put you in an alternate universe. You are at the same prom, the same song is playing, but this time you see the girl (or boy) of your dreams. You fall in love at first sight.

How much more do you appreciate that song in universe 2 than you did in universe 1?

When I was younger and more responsible, I hung out with a crowd that was heavily into punk rock, and rapidly developed an appreciation for the music.

One of my friends told me that when he was asked why he listened to punk (by people who didn’t actually consider it music), he would reply, “Because it drowns out the background noise in my head.”

This guy didn’t talk about his background much, but from what I gather, his mother was a raving psychotic.

It’s not exactly firsthand, but…Remember the movie Ladyhawke, with it’s terrible soundtrack by Alan Parsons?

From what I remember, the director decided to use Parsons for the soundtrack because he and his (future) wife fell in love while scouting locations for the movie, during which time they were listening to Parsons’ music a whole bunch.