Unusual religious dietary restriction?

Or women?

Is he limited to food prepared by pre-pubertal children?

The way it was stated by Hector_St_Clare made it sound like the Sikhs won’t eat “Jewish” meat or “Muslim” meat because it is associated with those religions - that it is in effect an anti-Jewish/Muslim thing. It is not.

Sikhs require the meat animal be slaughtered in a certain way, which happens to be incompatible with the way the animal would have to be slaughtered to meet the requirements to be certified as either kosher or halal. That’s all. They wouldn’t eat regular supermarket meat either.

I reviewed some items in my pantry to see if they had the kosher symbol on them. Jew food in my possession includes:

  • Triscuit crackers
  • Barilla rotini
  • Del Monte canned sliced peaches
  • Trader Joe’s organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup
  • Shop-Rite brand decaffeinated tea bags

Does this guy realize that the vast majority of items in any supermarket are actually kosher?

I found this.


TL : DR - Meat eaten by Sikhs must be slaughtered in such a way that the animal dies instantaneously, no ritual needed or warranted.

Langar, the ritual meal served at a Sikh temple, is vegan in order to allow all people to participate fully.