Unusual Salad Recipe?

Does anyone have a favorite low-cal salad that would go well with shrimp tamales?

I’d do a slaw - shred red & green cabbage or buy a bag of shredded cabbage, mix with a little oil, vinegar, and maybe something spicy, seeing as it’s going with tamales. A pinch or two of cayenne maybe. Could add some jullienned bell peppers for some color if you wanted.

Ooh, good idea! I’ve actually made that before and it would go well with what we’re having. Thanks for the reminder!

If you’re making a spicy vinaigrette, add a few drops of jalapeno or pepperoncini juice. If you buy jarred ones of either of those, just drip a few drops of the liquid in and whisk well. You’ll want to use a milder-flavored vinegar rice vinegar or a malt vinegar, which is a little lemony and would add a nice citrusy flavor. Squeeze a little lemon or lime in to the vinaigrette for a fresh punch, too.