Unusual ways to meet your maker

I’ve been trying to think of a properly descriptive title for this thread but basically inspired by the thread about the wolf I was wondering what unusual ways people here have almost bit the bullet so to speak.

For myself about two years ago I was shopping in Belfast when I entered a record store. In one of the aisles there was, rather incongruously, an impressively deep fluffy rug. Thinking that was a bit odd but not realising the horrible impending doom that awaited me I entered the aisle and raised my foot to step on the rug…only to have one of those ‘magic eye’ moments as my brain processed what I was actually looking at…the largest frigging dog I have ever seen lying asleep in the aisle!

Carefully I halted my forward momentum and slowly backed away as the narrow escape I had just had slowly seeped into my brain.

Anyone else have any unusual near-misses like that? :smiley:

I trod on a cow.

In the pitch black on a pasture, a black cow. It sort of reared up so I got projected up and back. A little bruising, but boy was I shocked! Very eerie. The thing was the cows were a hazard on that stretch of path and you knew you had to look out for them.

Oh boy. You bet’cha.

I was at a small town (1000 people) liquor store that had an adjacent gun shop, hunting fishing store.

Both stores where owned by the same people. I knew the owners, but just as a customer.

I had gone into the gun store first. Just for the heck of it really.

Some back story. I’ve been around guns all my life. My wife has not. She was curious about getting a pistol for herself.

On a whim, I had wondered it the gun shop had a Smith Lady Smith to take a look at. They did not.

I then went into the liquor store and the lady behind the counter asked if I found what I was looking for at the gun shop. I said no that I was just a little curious about the Lady Smith, but they don’t have it (duh on my part, most of what they had where hunting rifles).

Sooooo, the lady at the cash register says “I have a Lady Smith”, grabs the revolver out of her purse, unloads it and thrusts it into my hands.

Klaxons go off in my head. I’m in a liquor store at the cash register with a gun in my hands. I immediately put it down. She picks it up and starts telling me what a great gun it is and such.

Ummmm… this is a really, really a bad venue for this. Sure it’s a small town and all, but…… Yes we are in the store alone, but …. Sheesssss put it away so I can buy my beer.

Another story, same liquor store ---------

Understand that this store is maybe 1000 square feet. The building is very old. It’s an old mining town. The store is not brightly lit.

The lady that owned the store had a big, big dark colored long haired German Shepard. It had to be 110 pounds. It was massive.

I entered the store from the Colorado sunlight, and still had my sunglasses on. Right as you enter the store is the cash register/counter. The dog was standing with his rear feet on the floor, and his paws on the counter. Not making a sound. Just looking at me.

As my eyes where trying to adjust to the low light, I saw him. Standing at the cash register.

Yep, I said to myself. There are Werewolves. I guess this is it. It’s been a nice life.

Now I’m a well grounded guy. I don’t believe in Big Foot or Werewolves. But, as far as I could tell, for a second or two, one was standing right in front of me.

Scared the hell out of me.