Unwanted lawn treatment

So I go out my front door this morning (Saturday) to get the morning paper and hanging on the doorknob is a bill from “JoBlow Lawn Treatment” saying they applied chemicals on Friday around noon and don’t go on the lawn for 24 hours.

I never ordered such service and looked at the bill showing that they got the wrong house. I’m at 5555 Hampshire Ave. and the bill says 5555 Hampshire Ct. which is one street down from me.

I’m a bit peeved since I have two dogs which used the backyard twice last night and once this morning before I found this bill.

So, what’s my course of action? If I call and complain to them are they going to say “Oh well, you got a free lawn treatment.”
Will they want to settle or compensate me somehow?
If I threaten to contact a lawyer what would it be for? Endangering my dogs on my property? Unwanted services? Tresspasing? Dumping chemicals?

My dogs aren’t sick (yet) and I’m taking them to Petco for baths today.
Will this place compensate me for the $40 at Petco?

No, the lawnco probably won’t pay you anything, unless you can prove real harm to your dogs. As for the actual danger to the pooches, I doubt there’s anything to worry about. If they had been directly sprayed, they might be in a fix, but just walking on it? No. Consider that the fool who applied the stuff probably wore no gloves, goggles, or filter mask, and he’s in it all day, with no ill effects, so far. If I had the job, I’d wear the safety gear. Herbicide messes with me.

I’d call and complain because, if nothing else, someone didn’t get the treatment they’d ordered and possibly paid for. They are going to call and complain and get an exasperating “But we did treat you lawn!” response.

The notice about staying off the lawn is mostly to allow the herbicide to dry completely on the grass. If it is washed/knocked off the plants, it won’t work. There are also toxicity issues. but not a lot.

Go out into the backyard where the dogs are most likely to do their thing, and spray the yard with the hose to wash the chemicals off. Then, walk the dogs in the washed area on a leash. Just don’t let them get out and roll in the grass, then spend the afternoon licking each other.

As far as the lawn company, call them up and give them hell for treating your yard. I they want to charge you, tell them you’ll file suit for damaging your flowers, poisoning your dogs, etc. As a matter of law, if you recieve an unordered item in the mail, you can legally keep it without being liable for the cost. I certainly think the principle applies here, too. They screwed up, so it’s their problem.

For the lawn guys-> :wally :smack:

Commercial pesticide applicators are licensed by the state, at least where I live. If so, you can file a complaint with the licensing agency, probably your state’s department of agriculture or environment.