Unwritten "rule" about # of started threads?

I might be insane, but I seem to remember once before the Winter of Our Missed Content reading that there was a “rule” about not starting more than one thread per forum per day. As there seems to be a rash of people starting three or four threads in a single forum on a given day (particularly in IMHO and MPSIMS), this has come to my mind once more. Is there such an unwritten rule, or do we just grin and bear it when one overzealous poster bumps other people’s threads off the front page? I seem to recall that being the rationale given along with this “rule” when I read it the first time.


500th post. Greeeaaat.

I’d argue that it’s more to do with etiquette than with rules, written or otherwise. It’s just not good manners to clutter up the forums with your own stuff, and it shows a lack of consideration for other posters and thread starters.


There is no explicit rule at the SDMB limiting the number of threads a poster can start in a day. Of course if one poster started dominating a forum with her/his threads we would probably ask her/him to be more considerate.

Thanks, Arnold. That’s why I wanted to check and see if what I remembered reading was just someone ranting, or if it was a “rule.”

I promise to do better. My current rate of about two per month was probably really, really getting on some nerves.

actually, I thought the rule was you’re starting too many threads “when it grates on Cranky’s nerve’s,” 'cause it’s all about you, right?
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whe-e-ew For a moment, I was afraid that I might be reprimanded for starting too many threads.

I’m glad there’s no actual rule on the subject.

No, Tom, the rule you run afoul of is for ENDING too many threads with clear, incisive posts that resolve the issue raised. You’re shutting down those of us partially knowledgable folks who want to post half-assed, half-right, half-answers.