UofC Founding v. Roosevelt U Founding

I have only now found the archived SDChicago columns. It’s 50/50 sloth or obliviousness, but maybe a little link to it from the SDChicago Message Board page would be in order for those of us who only enter from the drop down in the SDMB.

Here is the one about the founding of the UofC: http://chicago.straightdope.com/sdc20081211.php

I have heard that Roosevelt University was originally founded by the YMHA–in reaction to the tacit Jewish quotas imposed by the UofC and Northwestern, DePaul and Loyola not answering. Roosevelt’s web page doesn’t mention this, unsurprisingly. True?

YMCA not YMHA, and racial discrimination, not religious.

A number of faculty members (including the president) split off from the Central YMCA College in 1945 to protest what they saw as racial discrimination. Those faculty members founded Roosevelt College, which became a university a few years later. Central YMCA College withdrew from the field of higher education and focused on high school programs.