Up to 20 lbs of poop!

I worked with a guy that believed in the benefits of high colonics. He started doing this after listening to an interview with singer James Brown.

Weirdly, I remember a Spy Magazine article that said that James Brown had a related kink or fetish.

Was a glass coffee table involved?

Wrong! It’s carrot juice and black strap molasses. If you will just drink carrot juice and black strap molasses for 120 years, you’ll live to a ripe old age!

About 15 years ago I worked for awhile with a weightlifting trainer at my local gym.

His saying:

You just need fish oil and squats. If you can’t fix it with fish oil and squats, well … you’re gonna die.

The Chinese don’t waste anything. On back roads, I saw villages with their community latrines up on risers, to facilitate collection of shit as an agricultural fertilizer. Assuming a pound a week per capita , a billion Chinese would produce 25-million tons of annual outpoop.,

In a rural roadhouse restaurant, there was a trough under a wall accessible to both sides. People squat-shit on one side, and hogs could be heard noshing on the other. Best Canadian bacon I’ve ever tasted.

jtur88, on first reference I fixed your typo in the word “Chinese” to ensure there was no misunderstanding. You’d omitted a letter.


I don’t know much about John Wayne final weeks, but Elvis was a junkie when he died. Any doc can tell you that opioids will stop you up, even at legal doses.

If you did the prep right, it’s clean as a whistle. I used to have to file these into these into the patient charts.

I know that. I assume when the patient isn’t sufficiently clean, the doctor cancels and reschedules the procedure. (Although the idea of losing twenty pounds just by going to the bathroom has a certain appeal.)

IIRC there was a program like “Inside Edition” that talked about colonics as a way for celebs to get ready for the Oscars or whatever. Patricia Heaton from Home Improvement was getting one, I think. Every little bit helps?

Ron White:
You ever take a crap so big your pants fit better?

Whenever I leave the dentist after a cleaning (next Tue in fact) I always say goodbye to the receptionist on the way out. And end with “Golly, that was the easiest 5 lbs I’ve ever lost!”

Usually gets an Ewww! in response. Which I consider a success. :grinning:

When going on a longer hike, I carry dehydrated water; much, much lighter weight than carrying regular water in the backpack. The only downside is you need some regular water to rehydrate it. :thinking:

No, you don’t understand. No need to carry water. All you have to do is add some dihydrogen monoxide and you’re good to go.

Dihydrogen Monoxide??? I’m not putting your fancy-shmancy chemical concoctions in my body, no-sireebob; they’re what cause the ‘toxins’ that need to be flushed out. I want some plain old-fashioned H2O* for me, TYVM!!!

  • is there any way to do sub/superscript like we could in vBulliten?..or to start a line w/ an asterisk as opposed to having it converted to a bullet point?

What looks like this: X2 and X2
is typed like this: X<sup>2</sup> and X<sub>2</sub>.

What looks like this:
* blah blah
is typed like this:
\* blah blah

The points being:

  1. The words “sup” and “sub” in angle brackets give super- and subscript tags respectively.

  2. To display a character that Discourse considers a formatting code, put a backslash “\” in front of it.

  3. To display a backslash itself, put in two of them.

So *this* with backslashes ahead of each asterisk is not italic and **this** is not bold.

That’s also how to prevent

3*4*5*6 = 360

from looking like

345*6 = 360.


angle brackets sup slash angle brackets Like this sub works too

and no space after the asterisk
*Like this

Didn’t think a woo thread about nonsense bullshit would teach me anything, and yet, here we are.

Snopes on Elvis and John Wayne

Basically, bullshit

BTW, gross thought, but what is the total volume of the GI tract south of the stomach, and how much would an equivalent amount of water weigh? Without doing the math, my suspicion is that it’s impossible for this much volume to weigh twenty pounds.