Upclose youtube video of a pore strip removing whiteheads is puzzling

Video here

At 57 I guess I’m not producing enough facial oil to cause the pore blockage I had in my younger years but the video does beg a question. In the video the zits being peeled out of the pore like lazy slugs are soft, gooey, translucent and almost liquid in appearance. The run of the mill, non-infected pore clogging zits I’m familiar form my youth with are white, quite firm almost hard in some cases, and usually required a firm squeeze to expel. I’m not seeing how a strip of tape would be able to grab hold of one and have enough purchase to pull it out.

Is there some kind of magic skin prep going on that makes these zits soft and weak and amenable to be pulled out just through a glue strips adhesive action?

Ceti Eels

I think it’s a question of scale. You’re probably thinking of whiteheads that are a LOT larger than these.