Upcoming Comey Testimony

What is the point of questioning Comey behind closed doors if the transcripts will be released within 24 hrs? Why not just have an open hearing?

To keep all the obscene hand gestures out of the public record, maybe?

This may be the sticking point. Are you a betting man?

Comey has said “within 24 hours”. This is not what Goodlatte has said:

“I have just offered to Director Comey that the Committees will publicly release the transcript of his testimony following the interview for our investigation,” Goodlatte tweeted.

I bet you that transcripts will be “late” for undisclosed reasons. I further bet that there will be leaks, and that these leaks will paint Comey in a very bad light. And a final bet that these leaks will be reported in great detail by Fox News and others, while the actual transcript release (that will show that things were taken out of context or utterly fabricated) will not be reported at all by these same outlets.

This is the explanation for the whole, entire point of this exercise. It is to smear Comey and create a distraction for the Orange ShitGibbon.

If the House hems and haws and dithers and delays about releasing their transcript, is there anything to stop Comey from releasing his own transcript immediately?

Would he be allowed to bring his own personal recording device, or his own personal court recorder with him? And then would he be allowed to release said tapes or transcripts legally?

I read that the transcripts will be released as soon as the stenographer finishes them, which should be very soon afterward. How long could it possibly take a 112-year-old deaf and blind stenographer with crippling rheumatoid arthritis to complete a transcript, after she emerges from her coma?

The House wants to try to have Comey set up and prosecuted for perjury. Comey doesn’t want to just trust the good nature of obviously-conflicted Republicans to report the details of testimony accurately.

Yeah, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they claim he lied and try to refer Comey’s testimony to the DoJ for a criminal complaint of perjury, similar to what happened with McCabe. That way the Congressional Republicans and the White House can complain that the entire investigation was orchestrated by two people now under investigation for perjury. #HOAX

Can the transcript stay unreleased padt 1/2/19? I assume that Jerry Nadler, who will be the next chairman of the judiciary committee, can release the transcript at that point. If things get particularly twisted out if context by the outgoing Republicans, i assume that Comey could be asked to testify again in an open hearing. I doubt there is any real danger this will go anywhere.

How do these referrals work? If Goodlatte does do that, can’t Jerry Nadler rescind the referral upon assuming the chairmanship of the judiciary committee?

These hearings have a history of producing video clips that don’t make Republicans look good.

"…Comey emerged from the session complaining that questions about the Russia probe constituted only a “teeny part” of the members’ questions, which were mostly focused on “Hillary Clinton’s emails, for heaven’s sake.” “I’m not sure we need to do this at all,” he continued, “but I’m trying to respect the institution.”

From above link:
“Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.), a former chairman and retiring member of the Oversight Committee, said that an FBI lawyer in the interview room frequently blocked Comey from answering certain questions “at the core of our investigation.” Comey, Issa added, “never seemed to argue or even be a bit disappointed when they told him he didn’t have to answer something.” Democrats rejected that suggestion, saying that Comey answered most questions — and that the transcript would prove that.”
So clearly the reason the testimony wasn’t public was so that Republicans could apply their spin and speak to their supporters without anyone having seen anything for themselves. "Murica, dammit. Brings a tear of pride to the eye, eh?

Good answers but none explain a valid (emphasis on valid) reason for Republicans to want a closed session if transcripts are going to be released. I just read somewhere that the purported reason is that classified topics were going to be discussed. Could the committee simply declare certain parts classified and redact them from the transcripts? Personally, I think Lord Feldon nailed it.

Trump supporters, Lock-Her-Up lunatics, and misinformed Righties are going to form their thoughts from 10 second video clips of people like Issa spinning this on Faux. They are not going to seek out, let alone read, the transcript.
As a result, misinformation triumphs.

Correct phrasing: As a result, misinformation trumps facts.