Upcoming release dates for motherboards, CPUs?

I know this has happened to you: you buy a product a few months after its release, and suddenly it plummets in price and popularity when the “hotly anticipated” Next Big Thing gets released. I’m about to make a motherboard/CPU purchase, but I’ve got from now until Christmas to put the system together.

So where can I find out when new motherboard designs are being released, and when can I find out when new AMD CPUs are coming out?

Specifically, I’m looking for prices to come down on the TForce 6100-939 motherboard and Athlon 64 CPUs. I’m assuming that the release of more motherboards on the GeForce 6100 chipset will lower the motherboard prices, and the release of faster CPUs will lower the CPU prices.

On a related note: when’s the best time to buy PC3200 RAM? Do prices follow any seasonal variation, or am I best off waiting as long as possible on the assumption that prices generally keep dropping?

Each processor company has a roadmap, the AMD one is here .
Intel usually makes boxes available at the official announce date of the processor, though it has been ramping for a long time before. I don’t know if AMD does this, I’d expect so since people who want a new processor type would stop buying during the lengthy interval between processor readiness and product readiness.

Supposed to be a new wave of AMD processors emerging Q2 2006. But that’s not Christmas, so I don’t know how long you’re willing to wait.