Update 1 of 1 is installing...for the past 5 months.

Every time I shut down my Windows XP laptop, since about August or so, it has asked me if I wanted to shut down with or without installing updates. Should I be at the log-on screen, it sometimes won’t even give me the option, and then decide on its own to install the updates anyhow.

Well, either there’s been a Windows XP update every day for the past several months, or this bloody thing won’t install. It goes from being an annoyance to a problem when it no longer allows me to shut down my laptop in a timely fashion in the morning, and I desperately need to leave for work/class, with my laptop in tow.

How do I delete the update, or make it install, or make it go away in any manner short of flushing out the whole system? Virus scanners seem to come up with nothing and I’m out of my element on this.

Thanks in advance!

Go to the Windows Update site and manually install it.

You could try following these instructions to delete the downloaded files.

On first inspection, it seems to work! Hopefully it sticks. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Stop using the automatic update because you don’t see what MS is doing to your computer. Update manually and use the custom mode so you can select. Otherwise MS will have their way with your computer.

You can also check the restore dates and may see restore points noting certain updates or attempts. The Windows Update site also maintains a history of activity with your computer. Select that option on the left side of the page and see what has been happening.

I have one laptop with XP Home and a desktop with XP Pro. I have noticed that updates are getting sparse these days. And since I use Firefox mostly, those updates to IE don’t matter so much.

Lastly, MS has a way of flashing their screens so fast a user can’t even see them. They probably are giving you some information when an update fails, but there is not time enough to read it. The whole thing must not amount to much.