Update Java?

Still using Windows 7; should I update Java (it’s pestering me)?


You probably should. It would be safer though there is some small risk.

Java has been pretty safe and stable.

What version of Java do you currently have installed? If you already have Java 9+ then go for it. There are a few minor issues going from 8 → 9 that could bite you so it may not be worth it.

On the other hand, what are you running that uses Java? With the modern emphasis on web apps you might not use it anymore and may be able to remove it altogether.

Thanks, folks.
My caution came from hearing years ago that Java was problem-prone, and that hacks and attacks could ride in on it. Went to the Java dashboard in control panel and disabled it. This was on my Photoshop machine, and so far no repercussions. Could be that no other software uses it.


You may even want to remove it from Add/Remove Programs and wait to see if any programs object to it not being there.

Got a LOT of imaging software on that machine - I think I’ll go through them with Java disabled, first. So far, no ill effects, but there are programs I use only rarely that I need to renew acquaintances with.

Interestingly, Java seems never to have been installed on my other three. Four computers, one asks? Yes, acquired over years for specific purposes, and all still Win7. I am an early adopter when it comes to imagery, but I really don’t want to have to adapt to a new OS.

“Oh, no! Not another learning experience!”