Update on my sister's consdition.

A month or so ago I posted a request for prayers and good thoughts for my sister after she ahd been told that an MRI had detected a tumor in her brain.

Friday she went to a specialist to get a second opinion. This time the tests showed a clean bill of health, so we are all breathing a big sigh of relief.

Thank you all for the concern and kind thoughts.

Congratulations to gosis and my very best wishes to everyone there, gobear. hugs

That’s wonderful, I’m so glad it turned out that way.

Best news I have got all day.
Glad to hear it.

Wonderful news! I can only imagine how happy you are.

Whoa Nellie! That’s great news, gobear. Glad things turned out so well.

Wow, that’s good to hear. Any word on what led the first doctor to make his/her diagnosis?

My mom said that the first MRI had shown a shadow on the film, leading the doctor to tell my sister that it looked like she had a tumor. If I were her, I’d be thoroughly pissed at the first doctor for not being more guarded in his diagnosis.

I’m happy for you with your sister’s clean bill of health.

May she have many more years to go.

Oh gobear, that’s wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your whole family!

Damned straight.

I have a friend who was bluntly told by a doctor that he had a fatal disease which would kill him in a few months. He was told to get his affairs in order, because time was short.

That was about 14 years ago and he’s still pretty damned mean and healthy. Needless to say, he was quite upset by the doctor’s original diagnosis. (He did get a second opinion, thankfully.)

So would I, but I guess I’d rather have it this way than having a doctor say “oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry,” then hearing six months later “if only we’d caught it sooner.”

Good news is always welcome.

oh, that’s wonderful. Congratulations, gobear and family.

Glad to hear it’s good news, gobear. I’m sure your sister must be relieved.


That’s great news. I also would be less than pleased with the first doctor.

Good news, good news. Who knows, maybe our warm thoughts and prayers helped…

This is what we are talking about when we say that a prayer has been granted.

May the Lord continue to bless you, your sister,and your family.


Woo Hoo! That is wonderful to hear!

This happened to my son. He had some rectal bleeding. We took him to the hospital and the ER doctor asked him if he drinks. He says yes, and the Dr. proceeds to say that his liver is shutting down and he can never take another drink, etc…all while he’s on the ER examining table BEFORE any tests have been done. Turned out to be colitis. Mild colitis. Stupid fuck. Glad to hear your sister is OK.

Glad to hear it Gobear!

My family went through a similar case with my dad a few years back - a shadow on an x-ray that his GP (originally trained in oncology) thought was bone cancer. And of course that was the first thing the doc told us. But when I did some research I found that bone cancer is pretty rare as an initial diagnosis; usually it’s spread from somewhere else, and Dad’s health was pretty good otherwise. We finally got a diagnosis of Paget’s disease, a fairly common, not life-threatening condition among older people of Western European descent (IOW, my dad). Still resent the fact that “cancer” was the only thing the doc initially told us.