Update on the KKK newspaper

An update to this thread for anyone that wanted to read the paper.

Thanks to JSexton for telling me that photobucket allowed you to set an album as private. Emailing was taking too long and I really didn’t want these out there for all of the internet to see and not understand why I put it up there. The album is password protected.

Username: womanofscorn
Password: newspaper

It’s a bit hard to read, one picture is a half of a full page. So every two pictures are a full page. And they are in order.

I’m bumping this in case anyone from the old thread wanted to read it and missed it.

shudder I took a quick glance but couldn’t read much. Too creepy by far.

It’s a tough read that’s for sure. Interesting in a way though.

It’s as scary as reading some of those “newspapers” printed in Nazi Germany. :eek: