Update to the long ago thread prayer at grad.

Just read the Oct. Free Inquiry mag. A federal judge in Sacramento,upheld Oroville High in barring valedictorian Jason Niemeyer from delivering a Christian religious speech as his grad address. U.S. District Judge Larry Karlton wrote that the constitution does not require school officials to afford Jason a podium so he can testify to his faith before a captive audience. In Florida, a court of appeals overturned a policy of allowing prayers at grad if students vote for them. The ceremonies themselves are still under school control and graduating students who may object to the prayer have no choice but to attend.

I think it’s a gray issue.

If the speech was fairly normal with a few spiritual mentions, I would have no problem.

If, however, the speech turned into a lecture about how, “Without Jesus, none of you will succeed beyond this graduation”-type rhetoric, and is indeed a sermon, yeah, I would want some intervention.

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Satan’s reply notwithstanding, what’s your question?

No question,just reporting.

kaylasdad99, orangecakes is referring to a few Prayer at Graduation threads that were on the Straight Dope a while ago.

Let me see if I can find them.

Ok, I found them.

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