Upgrading a laptop CPU

My laptop’s cpu is almost always stuck at 100% (it is a celeron M 1.73Ghz), so I am wanting to upgrade.

I have an Acer Aspire 3680 and when I googled it it said the motherboard model is DA0ZR1MB6E0.

And I found this website.

However, my goal was basically to find out what kind of chipset my motherboard has and buy a CPU on pricewatch, then bring it into a computer repair store and ask them to put it in.

Can I find out what kinds of CPUs my motherboard will accept without taking my computer apart physically? How much would a computer repair store charge to replace the CPU?

Laptops are much harder to upgrade and may not be worth it if you can’t do it yourself. Some of it may be trial and error in getting the clock speed correct.

I was able to upgrade a AMD K6 (IIRC) 233mHz to a AMD K6-3 333MHz which basically doubled the processor speed, but it was quite a lot of work and research to find how to get the proper speed, though it ran very nicely.