Upper-class British Buck Teeth

I’m watching the Monty Python “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” sketch and I noticed that all the “contestants” (read: Pythons) are portraying themselves with buck teeth and weak chins. I’ve heard “weak chins” mentioned in Pratchett books as well.

Is this something the opposite of the Hapsburg lip, a trait by which the inbred upper class were identified?

Why the obvious buck teeth/weak chin?

Undelining mine. And there you have it.*

Kidding…I kid.

Why are you kidding? I don’t have a cite, but I’ll bet this was exactly the reason. Buck teeth and weak chins = inbred (a common stereotype of the upper classes, even amongst Brits). See also the Harry Enfield character, “Tim Nice but Dim”.

British (though living in the USA) comedienne, Natalie Gray, uses the phrase, “From England … don’t let the teeth fool you.” See, she has perfect, white teeth …

(I got to perform a short standup routine to open for her when she came through my town a couple years ago. She’s a sweetheart :slight_smile: )