'upto' is not a word, right?

Thought I’d tap the font of SDMB knowledge. My boss is always giving me copy that includes the word ‘upto’. I am always correcting it to ‘up to’. I just want to check that ‘upto’ is definitely not a word or a valid usage of ‘up’ and ‘to’.


That’s a nogo. I mean no go.

Never seen it.

Perhaps he’s trying to turn it into a new word?

Either that or he shares a trait common in upper management - poor spelling and grammar.
Thanks for confirming the non-word status of ‘upto’ for me guys :slight_smile:

I’d like to blow it up with a super no va.

Does he use “alot” too?

I bet noone can convince him it’s not a word.

Now you are upto date about the status of upto.

Put an “s” in there and you get my employer. :wink:

Your employed by Supto?:confused:
What do they do?

Upto isn’t a word, but updog certainly is.

English is constantly changing existing words and forming new ones. Without much in the way of rules, and no real central authority to specify what is right or wrong (like other languages such as French or German have).

So over time English words change; words commonly used together become a hyphenated phrase, then the hyphen disappears and it’s one new word.

Like *to morrow *becomes to-morrow becomes tomorrow.
Or can not becomes cannot becomes can’t.
Or electronic mail becomes e-mail becomes email.

There is no rule in English, except commonality of usage: if enough people start using it that way, it becomes an accepted word. The published dictionaries might be arbitrators of this, but they mostly just report after the fact on what has become accepted.

So your boss could be out ahead of the pack in using upto. Or he could be going off on a wild path with nobody from the pack is following. The latter seems more likely to me; I haven’t seen upto used that way. But it may happen someday; it’s certainly clear enough what the meaning is.

Its not a very good scrabble word so I say no.

We seem to have a paradigm shift in the synergy of word usage here. Also we will require those TPC reports by 5:00 pm.:slight_smile:

Alright already.

It’s a real word, just like dickfor.

What’s updog? :confused:


Ok I’ll play. What’s a dickfor, and is it anything like a henweigh? :wink:

10 print “hello sdmb!”;
20 upto 10