Urban legend comes to horrible life.

Warning: Disturbing news story.

No ice water. No note to get yourself to the hospital, but reminiscent of the Missing Organ UL in a horrible way. Some reports state that the police have not ruled out organ theft as the motive.

There are some seriously deranged people out there.

If the organs were stolen for medical uses (rather than for something weird), who would buy them right off the street like that?

My take: It doesn’t sound like they were harvesting organs for profit. What use could they have for a lung? Is it even possible to transplant a lung?

I suspect it may just be a bizzare mutiliation by some very sick people.

I agree with your WAG, samarm. But lungs can indeed by transplanted, I must point out.

samarm, lung transplants happen all the time. The young girl who just died had been given a heart-lung transplant.

Hah! Beat ya. :slight_smile:

Huh. I just tried to follow the link in the OP, and it says the news story is no longer available. Is it possible they pulled it because it was false?

It has been moved around on the site, for some reason. It can be found here:


Nope, not there either.

Thanks to Coldfire et al for correcting me about the lung transplant thing. I had no idea they could do that. Consider my ignorance on that subject fought successfully. :slight_smile:

Wow, they must be in the process of moving things around right now. It was there a minute ago.

I found it…I clicked on “Breaking PA News”, and it was in the list. strangely, the link for it was highlighted as a visited link. Very strange site.

OK, found the same story on a different site (NEPA News):


I can still get it. Maybe it’s cached on my 'puter. Here’s another link with essentially the same story.


I also think it was just a crazy-assed psycho. I mean, who could you sell these organs to?

My thoughts…

If you were going to target someone for organ harvesting, wouldn’t you pick a younger victim?

The circumstances (“trash-strewn, abandoned rowhouse”) seem to point to a grizzly murder, rather than a more clinical medical type operation.

In reality, how much could you expect to sell a 60 year old lung and heart for, even given that you had the right connections?

It’s a very sad story, and obviously must be very distressting for the guy’s family, but IMO it probably isn’t related to organ harvesting.

Is anyone else reminded, albeit in a rather different light, of the killer in Silence of the Lambs?

Which, the tailor or the chef?

I’d guess the chef, getting some lights.


Anyway, I do know you can sell organs in places like India and Indonesia. Trying to sell them here would be massively stupid: The police would take an active interest in such things, especially if there’s a hot case (and organs do spoil pretty quick) involving organ removal.

So given the age of the victim and the near-impossibility of selling organs here, I’d guess it was fetishistic homicide. Like Jeffrey Dahmer, with a definite MO linked to the killer’s sexual appetite.

Which means it won’t stop until the killer is in jail or dead.

Grizzly murders always bother me. I mean, the way they shot Gentle Ben in that meth lab raid keeps me up at night.