Urban Legend website: Where's this topic?

On this website www.snopes.com I hunted in vain for this urban legend:
A stranger, usually a woman, is getting desperate in an area of stores and shops, trying to find a restroom to use. Finally she happens into a mortuary, and quickly signs a guest list in order to be allowed to use the restroom there. After her business is done (snicker) she goes into the visitation room of the deceased whose guest list she signed. No one else appears there. She mutters, “Am I the only one here? Thanks a lot for dying when you did…”
A few weeks later she gets a call from a lawyer, the dead man’s executor; the lawyer said the decedent made a bequest–usually over $100,000–to be split among the people attending the funeral, and the woman hunting for the restroom was the only one in attendance…!!!
I’d like very much to locate this on the Snopes site, but “will” isn’t enough info for the search engine there to find it. Can one of the Teeming Millions help me? Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at Snopes yet, but I know it’s in one of my Jan Harold Brunvand books…I just don’t remember which one. I think Curses! Broiled Again! I’ll keep looking.

Thanks, Cristi; I have the books–including The Big Book of Urban Legends, which presents Brunvand’s legends in a comic-book format, but I just haven’t been able to find it online.
Furthermore: From what I have seen about “Bloopers” on the website, Kermit Schafer was courting (pun) a libel suit by printing or recording and distributing some of the alleged Bloopers he did–especially in the case of “Uncle Don” Carney, who was already dead; according to lawyer Melvin Belli this could qualify as criminal libel!

The Big Book of Urban Legends - great book; have you read the one in that series about conspiracies? Absolutely hysterical.