Urgent!! - dog vomit Q

Ok - the dog had surgery this morning (it wasn’t emergency or anything, it was when the vet could fit her in). Got home just recently. Drank a lot of water. Wandered around a bit in a haze, and puked all over the carpet in the TV room.

I could figure out how to clean up the undigested kibble bits (paper towel, gloves, plastic bag). How do I go about getting up that residue stuff? It’s a mucous-y sort of chunky slime, no clue how to remove it. I was able to find a large spray can of REsolve Dual Action Foam w/ dirs. on it as to how to clean a spot or stain - is that what I want?

Sometimes it’s easier to let it dry for a bit, then vacuum it up. Dried stuff seems to come out easier than wet…then after vacuuming, I use my carpet cleaner machine on it. If you don’t havea carpet cleaner, the Resolve should work on a small area.


GOOD LUCK!:slight_smile:

I “somewhat” agree with Boscibo. :slight_smile:

That is, dried stuff is usually a bit easier to clean up than wet stuff, but sometimes when the wet stuff becomes dry stuff… it’s a real pain in my butt to get out.

My cat throws up quite a bit (I think it’s hairball related), so I am starting to become fairly skilled in cleaning up these kinds of messes (I am in no way proud of this). Here is my method, YMMV.

First I clean up as much of the dry stuff as possible, then I dab up as much of the wet stuff as I can.

Then I use Woolite Pet Stain spray on the spot. Wait about 5 minutes, and dab up the Woolite. I continue this process until nothing else “dabs up” onto the paper towel.

Anywho… and I hope your dog is feeling better.

I always keep Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution on hand, available at any pet supply store. Simple Solution is generally quite a bit cheaper. Saturate the area with it and let it dry.

Nothing to add except that the thread title made my morning for some reason.