Urinal Cakes

Piss Pucks

Yeah, just because they’re called cakes doesn’t mean that they are good for eating.

You only have to learn that lesson once. :frowning:

Hmmm. Is that like yellow snow??

Poor Violet. No, not yellow snow. Urinal cakes are for deodorizing purposes. They are like large moth balls, and are placed in the bottoms of urinals in men’s public bathrooms.

Once more ingorance falls…

Trough lollies.

Please don’t eat the big white mint.

A red bull and Jager smells exacty like a urinal cake.

That’s why they put them in those cage things.



I like Ho-cakes.

Winky Dinky Ho-cakes.

Ho’s gotta eat, too!

Urinal cakes are great, especially when covered with chococlate, placed in a Godiva box and presented to a shallow, snobby girlfriend.

When come back bring urinal pie!

they should stop making them look so damn delicious

"Urinal Cake Thief Hits After Dark Nightclub

An unknown culprit has been stealing the urinal cakes from the men’s restroom at the After Dark nightclub in Monterey"

Must have been hungry?

Note for the ladies: Eternity by Calvin Klein is reminiscent of urinal cakes. Really.

remind me never to get on your bad side…

Personally, I enjoy pouring yellow food coloring on the blue cakes and watch the green icing form.

I’m reminded of that abysmal movie Joe’s Apartment. There’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Whoa. It never occurred to me before, but do women like… not know what a urinal cake is?

Hey, I have seen this episode of Upright Citizen’s Brigade! IT’s a good one! “We need talking robots in all the bathrooms explaining, ‘this is a urinal cake, this is not a real cake!’” I need some of those color-blindness goggles, that would be fun at parties to feed my friends pig anuses.

mmmm…urinal fresh…