Urinals in Schiphol

Sometime ago I was in Schiphol International Airport. While relieving myself in the lavoratory, I noticed something that has intrigued me ever since. Painted on the inside of the urinals was a small bumble bee. I was only in the airport for a short period of time, so I didn’t have a chance to look into this.

Does anyone know why the urinals in Schiphol are adorned with Hymenoptera?

I knew the question just by the subject line. I just returned from Cairo via Amsterdam last week. It was the first trip out of the country for me and I feel so worldly to be able to comment on this. I noticed the urinal artwork too. To me it look more like a fly. My guess is that it is for “target” practice and to give the stream a nice angle to the bottom of the bowl. This would reduce the chance of the dreaded “urinal splashback”.

Not a bumblebee, but a fly. Here ya go;

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