Urine Gone

Anyone ever use Urine Gone to get rid of pet odor and stains? Mrs. Robdavsuss and I bought some today. Does it work? What do you use to clean up after your furry, four legged friends?

A shotgun. :smiley:

Beadalin, over in this thread, swears by it.

Yes it works. It’s amazing. The secret is to make sure it soaks all the way through wherever the urine is, like through the padding into the subfloor. The smell is completely gone when the product is completely dry so don’t be disappointedif you can still smell it a little at first.

Ourcarpet was so bad we thought we would have to replace it and after the treatment we couldn’t smell anything no matter how close we smelled.

Urine luck! A few people have used it and rave about it.

I thought it did a very good job when I used it. By the time I tried it though, after trying a variety of other products, the stains had set. But at least the smell was gone while I saved up for new carpet in the hallway.

You just couldn’t help yourself; could ya?


Sorry. Didn’t mean to piss anyone off.