Urine-Soaked Eggs a Spring Taste Treat

In China, naturally. Story here.

Excerpt: **"Basins and buckets of boys’ urine are collected from primary school toilets. It is the key ingredient in ‘virgin boy eggs’, a local tradition of soaking and cooking eggs in the urine of young boys, preferably below the age of 10.

"There is no good explanation for why it has to be boys’ urine, just that it has been so for centuries.

“The scent of these eggs being cooked in pots of urine is unmistakable as people pass the many street vendors in Dongyang who sell it, claiming it has remarkable health properties.”**

Tempting, but I think I’ll stick to wasabi-flavored Kit Kats.

I’m going to go with “hoax”.

And wasabi Kit-Kats are Japan, not China.

Yes, I know wasabi Kit Kats are Japan. I’m the one who started the thread on them. I’ll still stick with them.

No, the eggs are not a hoax.

Shouldn’t this have been in the “disgusting foods you crave” thread? :smiley:

Why, because it doesn’t sound like a normal Chinese medicine, such as baby mouse wine or tiger penis?

You know, I think I’ll skip the yellow Easter eggs this year.

No. No no no no no no no.

Just the thing to go with your kopi luwak.

I’m not googling that at work - whatchoo talkin’ bout, Johnny Q?

Kopi Luwak is a coffee bean that has been passed through the system of a civet cat. Yeah. It’s actually quite expensive for the pure stuff, as I understand it. However, the kopi luwak/regular coffee blend I tried was delicious.

Kopi Luwak is coffee made from beans which have passed throught the digestive system of a civet. Most expensive coffee in the world apparently.

(Beaten to the punch, but I’ll post mine anyway for the Wikipedia link.)

I admit this does sound rather hoax-ish, like horse-urine eggs. But I haven’t been unable to uncover it as a hoax, and someone whom I consider a hoax expert to begin with pointed the story out to me.

It’s not like they don’t eat worse things in China, heh.

My first reaction was : rmor-like that story about the “pork buns”-filled with treated cardboard.
As for the actual products-aren’t “thiusand year old eggs” just as weird? The yolk turns black and the white turns green-yum!:smiley:

It’s gross, but IMO Balut is still worse, so why can’t it be true?