US 2, Mexico 0

An amazingly solid performance by the US against a flat-looking Mexican team which never really worked well in the midfield. A nice first goal catching the Mexicans asleep after the break, going over the top. A wonderful second goal, with Wolff breaking out of the double-team in the corner, and unhurredly drawing the defense to him before splitting the defenders with a pass back to the onrushing Stewart.

My thought: US to Japan/Korea as the top qualifier; Mexico to get a new coach within the next month.

An American following the true football, well I never…

Right, because everybody knows no Americans have ever heard of soccer or have any interest in it whatsoever :rolleyes:

So what’s the story with Reyna’s injury, DSYoung?

Soccer ehhhh??? What is that? My feeble diluted American mind needs a crap shit sport like Football! Seriously though I could give a crap less about Football Soccer is cooler but at the level of hockey but I’ll leave that for another day…

That should read that soccer isn’t at the level of hockey ahhh well I fuck up all the time so this should be expected.

Hoping it’s serious, ruadh? :wink:

And to briefly hijack, well done to the England team for a professional 3-0 job against Spain last night.

And a serious “f-you” goes out to the Dutch national squad who only managed a 0-0 draw against Turkey last night.

Kudos to the US team, though. In the 1998 World Cup, Holland only managed a 2-2 draw against Mexico. They’re a very good team.

2-0 against Mexico in a World Cup qualifier is no mean result so congrats to the Yanks. Impressive stuff !

The Turks can be quite troublesome. Yep, maybe the Dutch should have won but the Turks can be pretty useful on their day – seem to be a bit inconsistent. Disappointing from your point of view.

England won 3-0 but it was only a friendly – I’d find it difficult to think the Spanish were at 100% (or close) but never bloody mind ! For the first time in a very long while I feel optimistic about the future and I love the fact that the Manager is starting without baggage. See you in Japan !! :wink:

I just never want to see the name ‘Neville’ on any England shirt ever again.

Just like I don’t ever want to see the name “Seedorf” on the orange jersey again. What a useless git. Why can’t he pull that fancy shit he does in Italy? Nope. For the national team, Clarence resorts to his usual display of passes-that-land-behind-a-running-striker, and corners-that-come-in-at-hip-height. Useless!! Why does the entire country agree on this, and why does the coach still field him?

BTW, this was a friendly match as well. And the Turks can be a very stubborn opponent, but last night, they seemed out of their league. It was another case of not making the goals where we should have. Next: the WC qualifier against the ever impressive… Andorra. :wink:

Can understand the frustration about SeeDwarf.

Andorra – it’s a bloody mountain ! Don’t they play with one goal 50 metres further above sea level than the other ? If you play ‘em on a level pitch they’ll be buggered. Got to be worth a three goal start, which might just be enough !

Saw a little of France vs. Germany the other evening. Those French break and run like greyhounds with great close control and skill. Scare the hell out of me.

Current price on the French = 6/1 to win the next World Cup
(although the defence might be a little shakier by then).

It could be an interesting World Cup, certainly. By that time quite a few teams will have had a mjor change of personnel – England, Holland, Germany, maybe France (Blanc, Zidane, Leboeuf, Deschamps etc will be getting on a bit, after all…).

I’m quite optimistic about England, so long as Eriksson keeps blooding the youngsters. Who’s coming through for Holland, Coldie?

It’ll be good to see how the US do too. I don’t know too much about the current team, but from the little I’ve heard they seem to have dumped some of the '94 era veterans and secured some useful-sounding young 'uns.

Damn furriners, hijacking our thread. :slight_smile:

I thought the US looked really good in last night’s win. Josh Wolff was quite impressive coming in as a substitute. Reyna had a groin injury, but I haven’t heard anything about how serious it is.

Since I’ve got you soccer/football fans here, I have a GQ about the offides rule for you.

ruadhReyna has had a tender groin muscle, and he pulled up lame. Didn’t even take a real hit.

It was good to see a pro U.S. crowd that was loud. Too often the opposition has more fan support in matches here in the states.

I do wonder whether or not the weather had anything to do with Mexico’s play. It was quite cold last night in Columbus. Low 20’s F. Were they ready for such a cold night?


I think the cold probably hurt the Mexicans, as planned. I just pray we can escape Mexico with a tie next time we meet up.

mattk: I think the US is steadily improving. We have some good young talent and, most importantly, we don’t have Steve Sampson as coach. I think we’ll qualify for the World Cup, and not finish dead last this time.

Matt, I hope Reyna’s all better in time for the next WC qualifier … but not a moment before :slight_smile:

Totally agree with the comments about Sampson (but of course being from the DC area, I’m going to have a slightly higher opinion of Bruce Arena :)). Also, the US team does have a lot of very bright youngsters. You Brits will be hearing a lot more of Ben Olsen pretty soon.

just some comments on a couple other games, to complete the hijack:

Sweden v Malta: Ghod scores one, sets up two. 'Nuff said.

Norn Iron v Norway: Neil Lennon, don’t lower yourself to play for that mob again.

Italy v Argentina Did anyone actually see this game? Just wondering how Argentina looked overall.

ruadh, they’re Argentina. These guys will look cool whilst playing footie on my balcony. Drunk.

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a friendly between the Netherlands and Argentina in 1998, before the world cup, right here in the Amsterdam Arena. One goal by Davids, one goal by Batistuta (“Bati-goal”, I know ;)). It was the greatest amount of sheer quality I’ve ever seen on a football pitch, in terms of the players. The game itself was average to good, but the goals were both awesome, and I’ll tell you one thing: you haven’t lived untill you see Redondo make his moves on the midfield right before your very eyes. Best midfielder on the planet - period.

Coldfire, I’d gladly pay a lot to see the Oranje playing against Argentina, unless the game were played in Argentina, where one simply remembers 1978.

Games like that are rare, two teams primed to play for the fun of it, with plenty of imagination on the pitch. Unfortunatly, the games I saw in person in '94 were not of that quality, but the Brazil v Netherlands game of the quarterfinals was quite as good, especially considering they were playing to go on. As I noted, you won’t find too many US national team games that fit the definition of exciting matches, but maybe someday…

Speaking of which, and back on the thread, the Mexicans got hoist by their own petard. I don’t think the cold really bothered them; witness their total domination of the game from the 70th minute to the 80th minute, when they actually decided to play some creative soccer. They DID seem to come in seeking the draw, however, with a 5-3-2 offense designed to counter-attack and hopefully to deny us any goals. Current Mexican press coverage is highly critical of the national team for failing to play winning soccer, an attitude I second because I always believe that it is better to lose having tried to win, than it is to attempt the draw from the first whistle. Of course, from Mexico’s standpoint, one can’t blame them; if they get a draw in Columbus and a draw or win at Azteca Stadium on July 1, they can coast the rest of the games and be quite assured of qualifying (you REALLY think they fear the mighty Honduras? :wink: ).

The really encouraging sign last night was the ability of the US to handle the pressure from the Mexicans reasonably well. Eddie Pope is back ‘on’ again, and David Regis didn’t disgrace himself as he often does. When one considers that our main playmaker was hobbled or gone most of the game, it is pretty amazing we had as much control as we did. We should, however, note that, as usual, the US doesn’t play to intercept passes in passing lanes, opting instead for physical challenges after the opponent has received the ball at his feet. Trying that against Argentina or Brazil or France will get us our clocks cleaned quickly.

As for 2002, the main interest is in which continent will produce the winner. As we know, rarely is a winner produced from outside the continent/hemisphere in which the finals are played (Brazil in 58 the only exception if I recall correctly). Never having been played in Asia, and with it highly unlikely that an Asian team can win, will Africa finally step up to the plate and produce a breakthrough result?

heh heh heh. I’ve got a few other things I could say about Redondo :wink: Is he back on the national squad now BTW?

I’m actually of mixed feelings about Argentina. Man-for-man they’ve clearly got one of the most skillful national teams in the world, but I’ve seen them just hack their way through so many games, including friendlies, and it’s just not pleasant to watch. Still, simply because I love so many of their players, I always keep my eye out on 'em.

BTW the US has a pretty good record against them, something I always enjoy rubbing into my English friends ;).

And I’m very glad to hear Eddie Pope’s getting his form back. He’s always been my favorite US player.


Meet our new Goalie “Ömer” I am sincerely hoping Galatasaray acquires him to be the next goalkeeper after Taffarel retires in 2 years.

Seedorf can pull such fancy shit in Italy because he is playing alongside the ideal workhorse “Hakan Sukur”. I am not saying this because of a fanatical support, but I really am sorry he is replaced by Jardel in Galatasaray.

Our Champions league scores currently defy the reality that we are a much weaker team than last year.

By the way, Galatasaray once had Brad Friedel as the goalie… Is he still in the Liverpool roster?

Look, I know we don’t like Celtic much round here, but a mob? Bit harsh.