US and UK behavior justifies kidnapping?!

That’s right - meddle around in Iraq and get kidnapped. Then blame your ill fortune on American and British aggression. Assholes!

But, they were there to help! And they hate Dubya! And they hate the war! How dare the terrorists attack them!


I don’t think it’s particularly justifiable - however, it is extremely predictable and nearly inevitable.


If it wasn’t for the fact that they will probably all be killed this would actually be funny. As it is its pretty sad. What the hell did they think they were going to accomplish over there?


You sure you’re referring to the peaceniks? :dubious:


Some just have to step into the lion’s den. Or warzone. :rolleyes: Hope they are freed, but – sheesh!

Jeez, these people are lame.

My brother works as a civilian in a warzone, but he’s a professional (did a little time in the Ranger regiment & Special Forces). He knows EXACTLY what he could be in for every time he gets on the plane!

Duh, people.

Aside- he has assured me that while he could be killed, he certainly isn’t afarid of kidnapping. No amatuer Iraqis could get sufficient drop on his bunch to take them hostage…

I don’t know what they were doing there exactly, but asuming it was trying to help in some concrete way, I sure won’t be condemning them.

One really should look at why they are there.

Were it not for an illegal war they would not be there.

Now would they?

Can you cite a court of jurisdiction that has made any ruling about an “illegal war”?

You need a court to do that? Hell the administration refused to be be a part of a court that could have.

It’s you!

Make me laugh.

God knows with 13 dead American soldiers in the last three days, I need a laugh.

Well the point remains, this isn’t an illegal war. And the U.S. as a state is outside the jurisdiction of any external criminal courts, State sovereignty demands that.

I can’t imagine why the U.S. would refuse to be a part of a court that would allow anyone from around the world to levy charges against American citizens!

Anyways, the fact that this war is called “illegal” has nothing to do with it.

They wouldn’t be over there unless they CHOSE to be over there. So the side-point about the alleged illegality of the war has no bearing. It might have some bearing if we were talking about soldiers that had to be there because the military they were part of was ordered there.

I don’t think anyone is happy about this but the group that these people were from make themselves look stupid by claiming this kidnapping was the fault of the American government. In general most people don’t like it when you completely divorce yourself from the idea of personal responsibility.


One really should look at why they are there - they chose to go.

Were it not for an illegal war they would not be there - were it not for their choice, they would not be there.

Now would they?

Oh, give me a fucking break. If Saddam Hussein were still in power they wouldn’t be allowed in the country. The fact that the US led a coalition to free this country from a brutal dictator* is what enabled these nitwits to get in.
*Yes, I know, we were told there were WMD. The bottom line is, the world is short one dictator, and I for one do not lose any sleeep over it.

And don’t forget that there are relief workers in LOTS of dangerous places in the world, not just Iraq.

If you feel so strongly about the righteousness of the American cause of freeing the world of one dictatator, maybe you should not be so upset at 13 dead US servicemen- its the price you must pay, not many tears for the 19 dead Iraqis killed in an ambush today is there?..or the many thousands of other Iraqis killed in a war of adventurism.

Don’t give me that crap about Hussain killing his own people, it doesn’t make much differance to the Iraqi corpses who it was that killed them, American, CIA torturers, insurgents or just disease.

Bit of a right wing day on the board today eh ?

I don’t see what your guy’s problems are. All of them said they recognized that this was one of the dangers. The group stood by its pacifist ideals and stated they did not want a forceful rescue. Now, you arn’t going to expect a pacifist group to wax sanguine about the US’s war immediately after some of their own got kidnapped, are you?

It’s sad, because this is setting a bad precedence. Traditionally aid workers are afforded some degree of protection. Even the Nazis played it cool with the Red Cross. And because of that there are teams of aid workers from all over in every nasty corner of the world. Some of them are just fucking around, but some are true saints. Generally they live in a similar manner to the people they are working with, usually with little contact with the outside world, quite often they face great dangers. In Africa some of the first Ebola victims were Belgian nuns that dedicated their entire lives (I belive they were there for decades) to running a hospital, even though they had little food, few medical supplies, and no outside support. If things had gone well, they would have died in obscurity, unsung except by the people they helped.

And that kind of person, selflessly giving up a comfortable life in order to help others, is truely a hero. There are thousands of them scattered everywhere. Their contributions to this world are uncalculated and incalcuable.

And what do we do? We sit there gloating and laughing (!) when they get hurt. Now, I don’t know much about this particular group, but for the love of Og, what are you guys doing that makes you so much better?

Well, “not so much better”, but I try my best not to blame others for my misfortune.

Please note that they must have been aware of the fate of some previous “aid workers”.