US diplomat's wife kills UK teenager, claims diplomatic immunity

Are you under the impression that the UK is incapable of the same sort of thing?


Clearly yes.


To be clear, the UK has its own methods of addressing jury bias. I’m surprised that you don’t already know this.

Sorry, that is not good enough. That is a trick used by many defendents and cannot be allowed.

Of course it is possible to have a fair trial.

Reverse the situation: Brit kills US teenager in Florida, but the UK refuse to extradite, then see who believes you cannot have a fair trial.

Lose all biases and be fair.

Well if the DP was on the table the UK would refuse to extradite. If the adult (and remember, the victim here was an adult man, not a child) was killed in a accident by a OK diplomat they would also refuse.

Here in the US, heavy publicity will get a change of venue. The Defense will argue that a fair trial is impossible, and often a judge will agree to move the case to another county , etc.

So, not only is it not a “trick” (“The ability to change venue is related to the constitutional right to a fair trial,…” and yes, it can and often is allowed.

What is the point of this comment? The poster you are reply to said teenager which is correct.

Yes, and English courts have had exactly that same power since 1856. I think they’re used to the concept of a change of venue to avoid prejudice.