US flag: Which of the 50 stars is your state?

The 50 stars on the US flag represent the 50 states, right? But which star corresponds to which state? More importantly, which star is my state? Is it in the order the states joined the union, so that the first couple rows are the original 13, and then the newer states are toward the bottom? Is it alphabetical? Is it vaguely geographical, so that Alaska would be the top left and Florida the lower right? Is this mundane and pointless?

What stupid question keeps you awake at night?

No star corresponds to any state, no state has any specific star. It’s hard enough to keep the numbering right, you expect them to keep assignments straight, too?

Why isn’t this in GQ, BTW?

I didn’t realise that individual states were ever matched with individual stars.

They weren’t. Ever. A cite:

This thread should be renamed this, if only so more people can participate, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of any that would top the OP.

If you really wanted to use your imagination, you could assume the first 13 stars are for the first 13 states, and for every one thereafter, that would be the star for the next state admitted into the union by date. So stars 14 and 15, are Kentucky and Vermont. 16-20 are Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Ohio, and Tennessee. Enjoy.

I’d guess we’re the lower-right corner. :wink:

I know. It’s just fun to imagine if they did, and trying to figure out what scheme would be used. And Askia, you’re right, I should have used that as thread name. I’m not so good at threadstarting.

Vewrmont and Kentucky, actually. (Though you didn’t say so, the way you listed it implied Kentucky was 14, when it was not.)

Oops. You got me. :slight_smile:

According to some rather-wishful calculations, I live in the 54th star. :slight_smile:

Two. Any dopers from the Dakota’s care to answer?

Personally, I dont think a flag with 50 stripes (flag with fifty stripes) would look so bad.

Aiii!!! My eyes!!

Yeah…definitely bad for the eyes.

Geeze, that’s almost as bad as that “proposed” EU barcode flag.