US Military Destroy Farmers' Crops in Iraq?
Is the US really doing what is described in the link?

I don’t see anything on CNN on mentioning it, and I have to think that if we were doing something like that, the various human rights groups would be blasting that from the rooftops and it’d be all the news.

I just checked Amnesty International’s website ( and I didn’t see anything about it. I’d think that something like that would be their top story if it were happening.

The story is dated today, so presumably we will shortly see confirmation or denial elsewhere.

Lazily hoping someone else has the time/interest to search on the writer, Patrick Cockburn, or browse through, or search on Lt.Col. Springman, or ask their rep(s) in Congress to look into this, or ask their news media if this can be verified. Or write the publication.

In an attempt to get a feel for the reliability of the source, I browsed as far as Iraq, 6 Months On
which gives some numbers on various subjects.

I hope we’re not doing this. I hope it’s resistance propaganda.

I really doubt this story. It is dated today, but describes an event that took place almost a month ago. The article doesn’t even mention the US military’s response. It’s not even clear if the journalist asked the US about the event.

I googled the name of the city mentioned Dhuluaya and it does exist. Apparently an episode where an informant was killed by his own family happened there… it was the most common article.


Further google didnt find any other stories about those tractors destroying farms.