US Military Personnel - Average Death Rate?

Hey all -

Okay…I know this may seem a little morbid and in bad taste considering the current state of affairs in the world, but I’m seriously curious.

Of all the men and women that serve in the US military (approx 350k?), on average, how many die each day due to accidents?

I would think that since they deal with heavy machinery / explosives / etc…that they would have a high accident rate?

Of the last two Gulf wars…we kill more in shipping and handling (car crashes / helicopter crashes / transport accidents) than any enemy kill in hostile action…

Sorry if this offends, but I ask this out of a desire for knowledge…


Search Method: Google > Advanced Search > Government Search > “US Military” Death Statistics > Military Casualty Information > Death Rates per 100,000 Serving

The average yearly death rate for military members over the last 22 years (1980-2002) is 1,601 or 4.3 per day. Each member of the military has a .0892% chance of dying each year and a 2.44642953 × 10^-06% chance of dying each day.

The average force size over the last 22 years is 1,792,940 with a peak of 2,177,845 in 1986 and a low of 1,367,838 in 1999.