US Movie (I'm With Lucy") only released in France? Why?

I just saw the film I’m With Lucy last weekend. I asked a friend in the US if they’d seen it and they’d not even heard of it.

I did a bit of research on imdb and I see the movie’s only been released in France so far. Here’s the link for the movie. If you go to the left column and click on ‘release dates’ you’ll see that it’s only been released in France so far.

Why would that be? Is it that the producers/distributors in France were the only ones to buy it? Or that they wanted to get a feel for how it would be received?

I found it strange that a US movie wasn’t released in the States at all. It says the working title in the States will be “Six Blind Men,” but there’s no information on that film.

Maybe it tanked at the pre-screening?

When studios know a film is a gobbling turkey, they won’t show it for critics before opening. Perhaps not releasing it at all is the next stage. :slight_smile:

Makes sense to me.

Not that it was a ‘brilliant’ film or anything, but it was definately entertaining. Not nearly as bad as some of the horrible films that get released and are successful in the States.

Or it could be the studio execs are just dilly-dallying, raising some objection or other to every release date proposed. Maybe it’s a political football between two factions at the home office.

Heh. Any film starring Chris Kattan or Tom Green should have been incinerated before release and wiped from the memories of all involved.