US participation in Iran nuclear deal

The US and other nations negotiated a deal with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear programs. As part of that deal, UN sanctions were lifted and many countries have started trading with Iran-indeed many countries had suspended their participation in the UN sanctions before the deal was signed. Now Trump has been elected promising to renegotiate the deal. I think it likely that Iran won’t budge on the deal they presently have. :slight_smile: And I can’t imagine any other nation participating with the US in any such negotiations. There won’t be any UN resolutions passed.

What actions can the US unilaterally take against Iran? As I remember it, we still have trade sanctions against Iran-though there are now exceptions for aircraft parts and similar goods. What can the US do at this point on it’s own?

Make an example out of North Korea by taking out their bombs and missiles. And then ask who wants to be next.

You might want to consult with the South Koreans before doing this.

I might consult them but the guy with the authority to do this may not. That’s my point, Trump may play up his “I’m a crazy unpredictable guy, you don’t want to fuck with me” attitude onto the world stage. Maybe not taking out North Korea like I described, but making an example of someone. Still it’s not that far fetched, North Korea is technically pointing a gun at our heads and is actually threatening to use it. I’m pretty sure that is how Trump is viewing that situation and he should take it seriously, it’s going be one of his first test as Commander in Chief.

Actually I forgot where I read it but Iran is also interested in renegotiated the deal since they too now think it was bad. Obviously they think it’s bad in a very different way than Trump does but they would be willing to at least start talking terms.

The North Koreans have a crapload of regular weapons too; and a large number are dug into the ground within artillery range of South Korea, biggest city, Seoul. South Korea may not appreciate someone basically triggering all-out war on their border. It may make Samsung phones harder to get too… oh, wait…