US Postal Inspector

When I got home there was a business card from a US Postal Inspector on my door with a note for me to please call him. I haven’t done anything, I swear!!! What could he want? I recently put a hold on my mail and then had it removed. I went to the post office to get my mail but they didn’t have it. They said to call my carrier. I did but could not reach him. I didn’t think I had anything important on hold, so I just forgot about. Could this have something to do with it. Or what???

Several years ago there was a scam going on where a bad guy would put someone’s mail on hold and then come to the office and ask to pick it up.
Safeguards were installed to prevent this, but perhaps somebody didn’t follow the rules and they’re checking to see if it happened to you.

Postal inspectors are VERY serious people.

Hold mail accounts can be the subject of mail fraud - he may just want to make sure it was really you putting the hold on the account, or he may believe you’ve been the victim of some sort of crime, like someone redirecting your mail without your permission. Or on preview, what he said.