US President caught in a closet with his lover

Is it true the story about a US president in the 1920’s caught inside a closet in the White House with his lover? I was told his wife locked him up there.
I wonder who opened the door finally and his impressions, aham…

Warren Harding was reported to have met with his lover Nan something-or-other in a closet in the White House. I never heard about Mrs. Harding catching them in the act, however.

Zev Steinhardt

It was Nan Britton and there are accounts of them having sex in one of the White House closets. I don’t think Harding’s wife caught them, but she was well aware of her husband’s weakness for other women.

So, Bill was not the first one?:cool:

not by a long shot! I bet if we put the faithful presidents on one side of a scale, and the unfaithful on the other, the unfaithful would weigh so much, the faithful few would fly up into the air and land on the moon!

Unless Taft was one of the faithful ones. It would take plenty of other presidents to outweigh him. You are right, though. There’s plenty of documentation and anecdotal evidence to suggest that many, many U.S. Presidents have gotten some side action while in office.

“The man’s clearly a sex addict. He’s out of control. Lying, suborning perjury…”
“It’s this puritanical culture that’s the problem. Do people really expect someone with the ruthless lust for power it takes to become president to spend nights at home with his stamp collection?”
“Oh, please! You wouldn’t be so indulgent if it was Newt Gingrich getting blow jobs in the Oval Office.”
“Thank you for that image.”

-Mo and Sydney, in Alison Bechdel’s Dykes to Watch Out For

Ms Britton claimed she was impregnated in the Senate Cloakroom.

I guess it doesn’t mean they didn’t also do it in the closets in the White House, but it sounds like a morph to me.

A little web searchig does show the stories include Nan being hidden in a closet, when the first lady almost walked in on the pair, as well as a tale of shennanigans in an executive office Coat closet. But, at least one historian has put forward that none of it is true, Harding was sterile, and Nan Britton was a Lying Schemer.