US Presidential vacations

I’m looking for stats or a list of how many days each US President has taken off while in office. (I tried digging around… no luck :()

Anyone know the answer to this? A site perhaps?

I would LIKE to go back about 8+ presidents…

I suppose since they’re basically on-call 24 hours a day, zero would be the answer.

I don’t think the president accrues vacation time like the rest of us. Woodrow Wilson was pretty much out of commission during the last 18 months of his administration, but he was sick.

John Adams spent long periods away from the capital city of the time despite there being a major crisis with France.

I found an older AP news report that said Reagan had about 355 “vacation” days in 8 years. Clinton took 2 weeks in summer, 1 in winter and 1 some other time during his 8 years.

I would figure (depending on the current situations of the time) that the US President could take vacations when ever they felt the need.

I was just looking for numbers. How many days did each take per term. Which President was the hardest working or the more slack of the bunch.

IIRC, Reagan was famous for taking time off compared with other presidents. But I don’t have a cite for ya.


A stumper? has a nice explainer article on Presidential vacations.


I think I stumped the message board.

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I think it is hard to judge “vacation” days for the President. He is on call 24/7, so even days he is “vacationing” turn into working days (e.g. morning secucrity briefings, phone calls, deciding whom to bomb). A previous post detailed Clinton’s vacations… but he also went abroad a hell of a lot, and that could be considered a vacation (sure he met with the King of Zambia or something but … then he was banging on the congro drums all night long)…

I think that W. had one of the longest stays out of Washington in a long time. But even on his “vacation” he took day trips to the Southwest and Michigan and Pennsylvania.

(I just find it funny that the networks that were criticizing him had their anchors on vacations of 2-5 weeks… pot calling the kettle black (but I digress))

just my 2 cents.