US troops on the ground: Act of War?

“Pentagon-AP – General Richard Myers acknowledges a small number of U-S forces now are in northern Iraq.”

So does this mean we’re at war? Is this an official acto or war? I’m sure we’d be upset if Iraqi troops were on the ground here (they may already be, AFAIK)

We haven’t been in a declared war since WWII. If we do have a small number of military forces within Iraq that may constitute an act of war but it is up to Iraq to find them and label it an act of war.

It’s really all a game of diplomatc semantics.

We have been dropping bombs on these folks for ten years. How in the world can we consider half a platoon of military specialists visiting insurgent forces to be more of an act of war than regularly trying to shoot their planes down, and blowing up anything that even remotely looks like a radar installation?

We have been at war with Iraq since Desert Shield. Pretending otherwise is simply politics.