USA Geography Blind Spots

Yes. I’m surprised to see that, not only is Florida west of all of New Jersey and Delaware, but also of most of Pennsylvania.

Strictly speaking, that’s wrong. Catoosa (Tulsa), Oklahoma is the westernmost deep-water port for the Atlantic, assuming you count the 440-mile river trip to the Mississippi, then take the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, then take the Gulf to the Atlantic.

But hey, the St. Lawrence Seaway has canals and locks, too.

Another anomaly – Lake Champlain drains north to the St. Lawrence River. Hydrologically, it can be considered one of the Great Lakes.

:dubious: The California/Oregon border is slightly south of Windsor, Ontario.

Florida is as far west as Wisconsin.

If you stack another Texas north of Texas, it will almost reach Canada.

The southern border of CA does not run due E-W

States north of Canada

:dubious: Middle Island is the southernmost point of land in Canada, located at 41°41’N, 82°41’W, or about 41.7 degrees north latitude.

The California/Oregon border is at 42° N latitude.
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Just ballparking it, the Panama Canal is right at due south of Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto, Greensboro, NC, and other cities and towns at the 79.5 West Longitude.

Nashville is on the same Latitude as the Straits of Gibraltar; in other words, south of Europe.

Go due south from the city of Los Algodones, Mexico and the first foreign nation you will reach is?


The Detroit Red Wings are in the Western Conference.
Sorry, that’s all I got. :smiley:

Bravo! I finally located an online map that shows clearly how this can be.

Play around with settings and such here:

I was somewhat familiar with a few of the Canadian “gotchas” mentioned in this thread, but not this one. Impressive.

Do we have any East and West weirdnesses like this one?

Do the 48 contiguous United States extend above 49° N?

Yes. Not in Maine, as many think (northernmost point of Maine is 47° 28’ N); but in Minnesota, where the Northwest Angle reaches to 49° 23′ 04″N. Cite.

There is the odd fact that the first state capital of Illinois is on the western side of the Mississippi River. (Of course, it was built on the eastern side, but the river shifted although the town and the state boundary did not).

What state is south of Satolah, GA?South Carolina

I’m not getting it.

Not getting what?

OK got it.

If you type in “Los Algodones” into Google Maps, you get something on the east coast of the Gulf of California, not the one that has been linked to that’s on the US-Mexico border. For that factoid to be true about the second city, you’d have to assume that the South Pole Station counts as US territory :slight_smile:

If you’re sayiing that the link I provided is faulty, I messed with the zoom feature until I was able to see that from the marker, you cross into USA land in just a few hundred yards. The “ten miles” may have been to jazz up the situation.

The one you pointed to appears to be accurate: I’m saying that there are multiple cities called “Los Algodones” in Mexico, one of which is on the US border, one other of which is on the Gulf of California. If you go due south from the one you pointed to you will shortly enter the US. Not so much for the second one.

Of course, I just Googled it and came up with the multiple Los Algodones so I could be wrong.

It would seem that the one on the border would have a better chance of being the one that Qadgop the Mercotan meant. He didn’t have a link so I must have lucked into the right one, but assuming he wasn’t blowing smoke I went with it.

Notable as well in the lookups I did on the town, there’s a metric buttload of dentists there!