USA Today: Support for anti-piracy bills wanes

Hey Chris Dodd. Suck it!

I have to agree.
Chris Dodd should suck it.
The MPAA is so full of shit on this it is crazy. The laws they are pushing for are worse then the damn Disney forever copyright laws.

The laws they are pushing could turn the internet into just another broadcast medium for major corporations. No one else could afford the lawyers that would be required to run a website.

And I’m not 100% convinced that that isn’t their goal.

Good,that means I can still go on my favorite blog:)

When I heard Chris Dodd on the radio I could not help saying out loud “what a maroon!” * when he said that the sites protesting were like petulant children, and we needed to dialog instead, not do stunts.

And he is a “maroon” because any casual reader of how they were making the [del]sausage[/del] law knows already that it was the petulant puppets of Chris Dodd that voted down the vast majority of amendments that dealt with the concerns that the ones protesting finally took to the public arena to show.

And then he claimed that the main issue was taken care of (the IP blocking) so there was no need to protest. Excuse me, but it was your puppet the one that decided to take down that language of the bill because of the pressure that was already building, not because of some sensible congress critter’s amendment.

And as it would be clear that a site like Crooks & Liars that posts clips of those crooks and liars would be a primary target of this law, I have to say that Dodd and others should go to the corner and sulk as they are really still underdeveloped.

  • Ok. it was something worse, so sue me Dodd! Oh that’s right you can not :slight_smile: … yet.

Knew his dad was an asshole. Been suspecting he was, too, for some years.

Damn it, I thought I wouldn’t have to hear anything Dodd said after he stopped running for re-election. The only thing that surprises me is learning he represents film studios rather than insurance companies.

Hey Dodd, next time find yourself some honest politicians (i.e. ones who will stay bought and not desert you under pressure so fast that they make Captain Schettino look like Horatius at the bridge).

(And now that comparison has me visualizing Dodd yelling at his fleeing “allies” like that Coast Guard captain yelling at Schettino, except that I imagine the Coast Guard captain sounding like R. Lee Ermey while Dodd would sound more like that ROTC dude yelling “All Is Well!” in Animal House.)

I am 100% convinced that that is their goal.