USA v Mexico [spoiler in title removed]

The Coach’s Son, Michael Bradley scores twice and the US beats Mexico 2-0 again. It’s always 2-0. Why is it always 2-0? I don’t care, I just love it when the US beats El Tri.:smiley:

Mexico sure has looked like shit every match against the US lately.

Auugh!! I forgot to set my DVR!

We own the Mexicans!

Soccer still sucks though

Thanks for putting the score in the subject line. :mad::mad::mad:


Aw, crap, I actually didn’t realize I did that (I was doing two things at once). My apologies. Probably too late to worry about it now, but any Mod feel free to change it.

Not only the score in the subject line, we have a thread shitter too.

But it’s always nice to beat Mexico (2-0).

Frankly, had I not seen this thread before I watched the game, I would have assumed it was a prediction. It IS always dos a cero. Toward the end of the game I was wondering HOW we were going to score the last goal, not IF. It’s got to kill the Mexicans, and it’s possibly going to get SGE fired.

I took my son out to MacDinton’s to watch the game, there were about 30-40 fans there watching, which makes it more fun. Not as fun as being in Columbus, but still a joy.

Oh, come on. You didn’t notice the lack of honking horns outside?

The owning is not complete until we achieve victory in Azteca. Otherwise it’s just holding serve.

Yeah, but I hear that’s one wicked home field advantage they’ve got.

Two words: urine bags

The main advantage is in the altitude and the air pollution.

Resurrecting this thread to share this link.
Hejduk incident. (video also)

I’m sure that slapping players crosses a line of behavior that shouldn’t be allowed in professional sports. Even if it was a misunderstanding.

Shit. Maybe I ought to re-watch it (I did manage to find it re-run in the middle of the night, so I did get to DVR it afterall).

I hadn’t heard about this incident. Did Hejduk do or say anything about it after the fact?

Or I could just read the article …